The blazing sun beating down. That feeling free of 'tomorrow' and full of 'today'. Charred Chicago-style hot dogs and crunchy salted potato chips for lunch. That rewarding feeling of an ice-cold red, white, & blue popsicle after playing cornhole in the tree-lined backyard. 

Our memories are bound by the things we share. Banana Soup celebrates one in particular: food. Making it, sharing it, and gathering together to eat and drink are all a foundational (and tasty!) part of the human experience.

After all, it’s not JUST a hot dog - it’s that grandma knows exactly how much celery salt you like, it’s the freeing feeling of being off of school, it’s the pleasant reunion for you & all of your cousins. It’s a little piece of home wrapped in a soft poppy seed bun.

Banana Soup’s art focuses on the nostalgia of cuisine & taking you back to that wooden picnic table on the 4th of July, that cushy red bench at your favorite college diner, or that cast iron bistro set at the little café that makes the best coffee. As much as taking a bite takes you back, Banana Soup’s pop art will transport you to those fond memories.

Always fresh from our can,