Stories are like recipes - the best are made up of a few key ingredients that work well together. Ours starts with a kid's love of art, an adult's obsession with food, and the remembrance of some words from a very wise woman. 


Ingredient #1: A Kid's Love of Art 

Think back to a time ruled by turtlenecks, lava lamps, and Lite Brites. The 90s and early 2000's were 'All That'. All you needed was a bike and a walkie talkie. But it was an easel, a box of colored pencils, and a bag of pipe cleaners that colored my childhood.

I wanted to create, share, and then create some more. There was no greater excitement than showing someone a finished piece of art. Each piece revealed a bit more about my otherwise shy self. 

 As a child, creative expression was a hobby that became my passion. 


Ingredient #2: An Adult's Obsession with Food

Why have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, when there is a dish as delicious as Eggs Benedict to be enjoyed?

There is excitement in finding that food varies greatly across countries, cities, and homes. And, what greater joy is there than discovering a perfectly poached egg, a well-balanced bowl of ramen, or a delicate plate of fresh sashimi?

On a quest to find all of the best eats, I spend just about as much time on Yelp researching a restaurant and its menu, as I do eating there. 

Food is an artistic expression. The correct assembly of ingredients creates a well-balanced masterpiece that transcends language.


Ingredient #3: Some Words from a Very Wise Woman

At 4'11",  my grandma was nothing short of the best. She spoiled me with extra helpings of whipped cream and always sent the best cards for each holiday. But, she gave so many things much richer than gifts. She offered me friendship, love, and support.

She was consistently someone I couldn't wait to show my art. Over the years, with each new piece, she'd express an equal excitement. Insistent, she'd always give me a bit of advice: 'Honey! God gave you a gift. Don't let it go to waste!' 

Although art was my hobby, she reminded me of a happiness and fulfillment I'd often forget. 


Combine to Make Banana Soup

At age 24, I'd closely followed a tried-and-true recipe for success by graduating from UIUC with a degree in Finance and accepting a valuable opportunity in account management. 

However, I found that this wasn't the perfect recipe for me, and so with a dash of impulsivity, I left my job.  

I reflected on my grandma's words, and during my summer off, I drew ONE thing. Food. There's a natural art to cuisine. It's one of the greatest forms of storytelling from first bite to fond memory. 

It is my hope as Banana Soup's Artist & Owner, that you'll bite into our story, and these original pieces will remind you of a moment, a person, or a time in your life. After all, food, art, and wise words are all meant to be shared. Please enjoy!


Always fresh from our can,